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A flowerful of frogs
17 July
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Longtime fanfic reader, new-ish fanfic writer. In it for the fluff and the porn, currently obsessed with XMFC though I never say no to a bit of Avengers, Merlin, Sherlock, Star Trek Reboot or ye olde SGA. Or basically anything else I've ever watched.

Especially love ridiculous AUs where (X&Y) are ice skaters / bookshop owners / single parents / ghost hunters / dog walkers / insert cliche here. And especially if they have lots and lots of issues. Eh, it makes me smile.

Friending: Hellooooooooo new friend, you are awesome :D (I post all fic publicly, but if you'd like to be added back drop me a note and I will squee and stalk you forever.)